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(Top) Mac Power Feb 2007 Issue.  - Special Article on “HYBRID PEOPLE” / ハイブリッド特集


Massh! (2008)


Massh! is an online music software, which enables users to use any portions (i.e., loops) of sound data found on the Internet and mix them to make their own versions of songs (i.e., Mashup). Mashups made on this system can be also published as “blueprints” containing descriptions enough to reproduce the same result on other users’ computers. Its distinctive visual user interface also provides highly interactive user experience, so that people with little music knowledge and experience can join the creative process of making music.



Audible Realities – iPhone Art Project (2008)


Don’t you remember the first time when you went out with your walkman? Didn’t you feel like you were in a movie? Your iPod doesn’t only play music, but also changes your environment. Yes, it does stimulate your imagination.

Audible Realities is an Art Project / Unit formed by four people who have been interested in “Sound” and “Environment”. Our main goal here is to develop softwares and systems, which help to build new relationship between us and our urban environment using sound. We found that Apple iPhone is very versatile and useful as a platform to pursue such objectives. We develop sound-oriented iPhone apps to excite your imagination and transform your ordinary life into something special.



Faces of the day (2008)


Faces of the day – きょうの顔

Web Site


Yokohama Soundscape ’07 (2007)


A sound installation, in which visitors can listen to various “soundscape” recorded in Yokohama by shining on a miniature model of the city with flashlights. The location of lights on the miniature are detected by a hacked infrared web-camera and a Max/MSP patch, then sounds recorded in the corresponding area are played. (Commissioned by MORI BUILDING / Organized by SETENV)


Phonethica Rondo (2006)


Max/MSP objects (2002〜)

CocoaMax Download

- Communicate with other Cocoa/Carbon applications using distributed notification. A Max/MSP object for Cocoa / Cabon Developers.

”You don’t have to use OSC just to send some int or float values from your Max patches to local Cocoa apps!”

- v0.55b. preliminary release. now Universal Binary.
- 2006.4.25 update: a known problem with SubEthaEdit is fixed.

This sample shows how to establish simple communication channels between Max/MSP and other Cocoa/Carbon applications. The file above includes:

• cocoa_send: Max external object for SENDING messages TO other apps.
• cocoa_receive: Max external object for RECEIVING messages FROM other apps.
• Sample Cocoa application.
• Xcode project files

These Max objects and Cocoa app utilize the distributed notification mechanism of Mac OS X. For further information, please refer to Apple’s documentation.

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