About me


Nao Tokui

Co-Founder / CTO of Pocket Supernova, Inc. (Mountain View/CA)
Founder / CEO of Qosmo Inc. (Tokyo/Japan)

PhD (Engineering)
He received his Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo researching complex systems and human-computer interaction.
He has been actively working in the field of interactive art and music based on his research expertise and insights.
After pursuing his research and creative interest in several laboratories in Japan and Europe, he founded Qosmo in 2009 with his fellow researchers and artists to deploy their ideas in the real world and market.
His current vision is to build simple mobile applications / systems fostering human creativity and imagination; invaluable in our fast-changing, complex world.

Personal History
1999 Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
-2001 Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
-2004 Doctoral course at The School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
2004-2005 Visiting Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris
2006~2008 Researcher at International Media Research Foundation, Tokyo
2009〜 Founder/CEO of Qosmo Inc
2012〜 Co-Founder/CTO of Pocket Supernova, Inc.




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